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Raise awareness for youth on the state of wildlife and support a more sustainable future by purchasing the Bears for Cares book series and companion natural stuffed toys.

Bears for Cares is a new book series and campaign founded by 18-year-old author Lotus Kay and her sister, Jazmin, on #EndangeredSpeciesDay as a project of Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots youth service program. The campaign aims to educate children about the state of wildlife and our earth and what they can do to make a difference.

The Books: Lotus wrote More Beautiful Than Heaven when she was 16 to raise awareness about the beauty of nature and the Earth, the endangered state of wildlife and our environment, and ultimately inspire children to care for and protect the planet and our fellow inhabitants. She then wrote Billie the Octopus to educate kids about the beauty and importance of the ocean and protecting fish and marine life. The books are illustrated by artist Chey Diehl and are printed in the USA on recycled, acid-free paper.

The Toys: Both books have stuffed animals, created in partnership with environmentally-friendly toy company Hugg-a-Planet: “Beary” (the polar bear in More Beautiful Than Heaven) and “Billie” (the octopus).   The toys provide a sweet and meaningful gift made out of eco-friendly materials, and may be purchased with a Hugg-A-Planet, with the books or purchased individually!

Bears for Cares  donates a portions of its proceeds to the Jane Goodall Institute and her Roots & Shoots program to help support other young people passionate about helping our wildlife and planet.

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