Bears for Cares

Bears for Cares spreads awareness on the state of wildlife and endangered species while also being a sweet cuddly gift!  Follow them on Facebook! On #EndangeredSpeciesDay, Bears for Cares was launched in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots!  All proceeds go to helping endangered species, benefitting the Jane Goodall Institute.  To help children around the world understand endangered species by gifting "Bears for Cares,” they work to educate children about the state of wildlife and what they can do to make a difference, while also providing a sweet and meaningful gift made out of eco-friendly materials.  (note - the girls decided to have the beneficiary be the Jane Goodall Institute).  The bears, come with a Hugg-a-Planet and will be for sale soon, in the meantime, please like their Facebook page and stay tuned for updates!  Many huggs to Bears for Cares from Hugg-A-Planet, and a happy new year!